01. Can children use the product?

Curble chair can be used regardless of age. Children can use the product to sit at a desk and study. Or they can use a computer or read a book sitting on the product.

02. Does it correct posture when you put it on a regular chair?

It can be used on all chairs, but it is more effective on a chair with a backrest. Sit on the product with some distance away from the backrest of a regular chair. It helps correct your posture.

03. Can I put the product on the floor and sit on it?

Curble Chair ensures better posture when you lean it on a wall or a regular chair. We recommend that you use an additional mat or cushion when putting the product on the floor.

04. I am rather bulky. Is it okay for me to sit on the product?

Curble Chair is made of highly elastic material and can withstand up to 365kg of compressive load. Curble Chair ensures better posture when you lean it on a wall or a regular chair than when using it alone.

05. How do I wash the product?

When the cushion becomes dirty, wipe the dirty area with the cloth soaked in neutral detergent. Then use it after the water has completely dried.

06. Is there a validity period?

Both of the Curble Wider and Curble comfy are semi-permanent.

07. Can pregnant women use it?

Everyone can use it, but anyone who is being treated for a backache or pain is advised to use it after consulting a doctor. This is to inform you that these products are not a medical device.


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