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Curble Chair News

110 Billion dollar sales in 2020, Mega Hit Curble chair in Korea mark…

21-01-21 17:36


Curble is a combination of CURVE and company name ABLUE

Lee Myung-wook, CEO of ablue, who hit the jackpot with Son Yeon-jae chair, said,

"May 2018, we launched CURBLE CHAIR and during the sales of two years and seven month, \ the cumulative sales exceeded over four million units, and more than 3.5 million units were sold this year alone.

"We sold hundreds of thousands of CURBLE CHAIR every month, and compare to last year’s profit 7.1 billion won, this year’s profit is expected to increase to 110 billion won.

Just in one year, profit has increased 16times which is an an unprecedented explosive growth for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

Meeting took place at ablue’s headquarter in Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do, before Lee stared his own business in 2012, Lee originally worked for a design company.

In the early stage of the business, multi-tap (Boxtap) was the main sales product.

When the multi-tap business got stable in 2018, ablue launched “CURBLE” posture corrector chair which can be used on any chairs.

"There is a saying that people can tell whether that person is Korean or not just by looking at the posture of sitting on the sofa it is because most Korean’s sit in a bent position or lying down position. To Improve bad posture that put stress on the spine, Lee went through countless trial and error to find the right raw material and design and product was presented to the marked and got viral which lead to explosive sales. In addition, Lee thinks that the most important thing is communication between CURBLE and the customer.

Home&Shopping which is a home shopping channel specializing in small and medium-sized businesses, ablue launched CURBLE in April and this also help increase sales.

Launching CURBLE at Home&Shopping became a huge turning point for ablue, because through home shopping CURBLE was more actively introduced to the public.

In the past 6 months, through Home&Shopping over 25million CURBLE was sold. Last July, selecting rhythmic gymnastics Son Yeonjae as a model was a genius marketing strategy. According to Lee, image of rhythmic gymnastics Son Yeonjae and posture corrector chair brought synergy and lead to explosive sales.

Lee says “Home&Shopping helped us in many ways to open successful CURBLE era.” Taking a step further, with Home&Shopping ablue is developing healthcare products targeting 40~50’s.


To succeed the mega hit product CURBLE CHAIR, ablue is continuing to develop new product.

Lee says “In March, 2021 body balance correction “CURBLE PILLOW” will be launched.” Along with the launch of “CURBLE PILLOW”, home training product, simple meal will follow.

Most of Ablue's employees are in their 30s. CEO Lee says, "As the organization is young, it is efficient to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing online market and respond quickly to consumer needs."

Although he is now on a path to success, Lee also had a lot of difficulties getting to his current position. CEO Lee recalled the difficult times, saying, "I had eight big difficulties since I started my business in 2012, mainly it was related to funds," as a result, "Because of this, I lost the trust of the people whom I was in business with.”

"Because of money problem, I sold my newlywed house and my parents sold the land to provide me with business funds.” Many people expect it to go well once they start a business, but most start-up face a difficult reality than such optimistic expectations."

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